Holistic Supplements

How Can I Get My Cat to Drink More Water?

Greater Way Rags Cattery believes in using holistic nutritional supplements. Be it for optimal health year-round or seasonal issues or a particular issue or even preventive health care.

We use and highly recommend NuVet Plus. It is a requirement for kittens adopted from our cattery to be on it for a year. Since we’ve been using it, we have had a 90% reduction in cat colds, eye boogers, mothers losing weight and bone density while nursing and seasonal shedding, Etc.

All of our kittens are supplemented with NuVet Plus from the time they are weaned until the time they leave our cattery and have been adopted out. All of our other cats get the NuVet Plus 75% of the year. Pregnant mothers and nursing mothers are on it 100% of the time.

This particular product works from a cellular level. Other people I know who have begun using the product have noticed significant improvements in the skin and coat, tears, digestion, etc. While there are other products on the market, we use, recommend, promote, and sell the NuVet Plus.

While every cat and kitten is different, there are a few other good products out there if NuVet Plus does not agree with your particular cat or kitten. When supplementing, it must be done in balance, following the directions and adjusting dosage according to your particular pet’s needs. In conclusion, if you get vaccines for your cat and or you use flea and tick preventative/prescriptions, we highly recommend such supplements as vaccines and/insecticides/flea preventive topicals and pills indirectly affect our feline friends’ health and immunity.