How Can I Get My Cat to Drink More Water?

Hydration is of the utmost importance to keep your feline companion healthy. It is well known in the cat fancy, pet cats often do not drink enough and do not like stagnant sitting water. So what good is it to feed an excellent dry food when a feline pet doesn’t drink enough water, which is a part of the processing of food, proper kidney, and bladder function, etc.? However, one of the best ways to hydrate our cats is by feeding a raw diet.

Secondly, feeding high-quality can foods is an excellent way to keep cats well hydrated. Thirdly, if the first two options are a major inconvenience or too pricey, a pet fountain is a perfect way to go. Cats naturally like fresh running oxygenated water. With simple cleaning and filter replacement once a month of the pet fountain, we can be sure that our feline companions are drinking fresh, clean, and oxygenated water willfully. In conclusion, if any of these patterns are followed, we can ensure that our Ragdoll feline friends are hydrated, which is a part of a solid foundation of health for a promising future.